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Five Strategies for Outfitting an Open Space to Enhance Employee Productivity

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Open space offices are becoming a trend in the world of work. Their main advantage is cost savings and better opportunities for teamwork. But, how to prevent interference and noise and ensure that the employees work comfortably? Check out our tips.

Reduce the noise

In open space offices, noise and traffic are often the biggest problem. A suitable solution is to invest in acoustic panels for walls and ceilings or in screens, which will help reduce noise and at the same time add style to the interior. You can also add other furniture that can absorb the sound.

Create privacy and peace of mind for employees

It is important that employees have a sense of privacy. Dividers between tables are one way to achieve this. In an open space, handling phone calls can be a little annoying. Therefore, set up special zones for calling so that others are not disturbed. You can also use acoustic boxes or rooms.

Arrange tables efficiently

Place desks so that teams that often work together sit close to each other. Also take into account individual work preferences – someone needs silence, others prefer a busier environment.

Build rest areas

Don’t make employees sit at the computer all day. Set aside a space for relaxation with comfortable furniture such as armchairs, sofas or even swings. Give them a place to relax before diving back into work tasks. The favorite table football or darts will also help to unwind.

Use professional services

If you are not sure how to equip an open space office, you can use the services of an architectural studio that will help you with the realization and design of an open space office. In many cases, they also provide 3D visualization, thanks to which you get a clear idea of how the open space will look in reality.

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