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Growing Concerns Over Mystery Box Scams in the Local Market

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The concept of mystery boxes, packages filled with random items whose contents are not revealed until opened, enjoys popularity both internationally and within our nation. Nonetheless, the practice has garnered criticism due to the unethical practices of some vendors.

Vasyl Fales from Disciple, the company behind the Mystery-box.cz online store, highlights a concerning rise in deceitful mystery box offerings. These vendors entice customers with the prospect of receiving high-value goods, often electronics, at a fraction of their worth. Unfortunately, buyers often end up with low-value items worth merely a few dollars, far from the promised high-end electronics.

František Kotrba reports numerous customer grievances regarding their inability to cancel orders or return the mystery boxes within the stipulated period. Complaints also include poor communication from sellers and receiving insignificant items despite paying substantial amounts. Consequently, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority (ČOI) has initiated investigations into these practices for potential violations of the Consumer Protection Act, such as engaging in unfair business practices.

Vojtech Stiblo of Cheap Chains mentions that their company has yet to reject any complaints and believes returns wouldn’t pose an issue, noting an absence of complaints regarding their mystery boxes. Meanwhile, Lacnejšie.sk stipulates that each mystery box, being unique, is not eligible for return based on a change of mind within 14 days. However, Plaza.cz assures compliance with all legal requirements, allowing customers to return products within 14 days provided they are in their original, undamaged condition and packaging. Despite the possibility of customers already owning the selected items or not meeting their expectations, Vasyl Fales reassures that according to the law, customers are always entitled to return their orders, and the company addresses all complaints promptly and efficiently.

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