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Choosing Between Leather and Upholstered Seating: Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages

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Don’t leave the choice of seat to chance. It is a very important piece of furniture that is also not free and you definitely want your money to be invested really well. Probably one of the most important questions is whether to choose a leather sofa or a classically upholstered one. It’s somewhat of an individual matter, but we’ll help you navigate the options a bit.

Above all, it is good to know that a leather sofa does not have to be just huge, heavy and impractical. Today, even very modern pieces that are really beautiful and stylish can be easily obtained. Or you can have leather seats made to measure.

The pros and cons

A leather sofa set is quite difficult to maintain and care for, and this is something that you need to anticipate in advance, otherwise you will be surprised and disappointed. It is true that the skin does not like direct sunlight too much, so it is ideal to keep it away not only from windows, but also from a direct source of heat, such as a fireplace or heating. It is advisable to wipe it with a clean cloth once a week and carefully clean and impregnate it twice a year.

With fabric seats, these complications disappear. They are significantly cheaper and thus also available to a wide range of customers. However, they also have their drawbacks. If you save too much on the sofa, it may happen that you buy a low-quality piece that wears out within a few months. Therefore, always check how long the warranty period is so that you have a chance to make a claim in case of dissatisfaction. The advantage can be that fabric sofas offer a much larger selection of fabric decors. Today, the offer is expanded to include nano textiles, which are hydrophobic and very easy to maintain.

Don’t compromise

If you don’t want to choose only what the stores offer you, try custom-made sofa sets. In terms of price, it is not much more expensive, but you have the advantage that you can choose everything yourself and you can choose, for example, any dimensions or color.

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