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Indulge in Opulent Slumber with Continental Beds

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Continental beds, American beds or box springs. These three names indicate one type of bed that will indeed become the dominant feature of your bedroom. This bed will not only impress you with its luxurious design, but above all with maximum comfort during sleep. It consists of three mattresses.

You have certainly come across an American or continental bed in a catalog or in a furniture store. As mentioned above, although this bed has different names, it is the same type of bed. It is characterized by a robust construction, an unusual height, an unmistakable upholstered headboard, and above all, a very comfortable bed. Boxspring is synonymous with luxury and perfect sleeping comfort.

The box spring bed is very popular especially in the Scandinavian countries and North America. As can be seen, its names are derived from these countries. In order to explain the name boxspring, we need to translate this word from English.

It could be translated as frame with springs. And this is the most distinctive feature that makes a continental bed different from a classic bed. Its base consists of a massive wooden structure in which bonell springs are placed. The main mattress is placed on them. The high comfort of the bed is also ensured by the topper or upper mattress.

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