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In The Living Room Of The Apartment, The Architects Found A Place For A Study And A Bar

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In a quiet residential area in the north of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the owners found an apartment that was big enough for their family of six, but the original layout did not suit them. They therefore turned to the local studio C2H.a with a request for modification. The architects connected the social parts of the apartment into one whole, where they also found space for a study and a bar.

When the owners bought an apartment in the Casa Verde district, they had a clear goal – to get a home in it that would be functional, comfortable, stylish and, above all, meet the needs of their everyday life.

The apartment was arranged according to the now-abandoned model, where a separate room is reserved for each function. However, the owners did not care about such a fragmented household. And that’s why the architects came up with a way to connect the entire social part of the apartment so that all its residents could spend time together. At the same time, they arranged the individual functional zones in such a way that family members did not disturb each other during the day.

As is typical for architects Fernanda Castilhová, Ivan Cassola and Rafael Haiashida, they helped themselves with sliding panels, which they like to include in their projects. In this case, there are two wooden sliding elements in the social part of the apartment.

„Strategically placed between the living room and the kitchen, the wooden panel hides the sliding windows above the island, the access doors to the kitchen and toilet, and the entrance door to the apartment,“ explain the architects. The second element is a slatted sliding panel separating the office from the main living area.

Adjacent to it, but completely open to the social space and adjacent to the windows, there is also a bar equipped with a television. During visits, the owners can supply their guests with drinks and snacks from two places at the same time.

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