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Experience Comfort in Your Garden with Bioclimatic Pergolas

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The garden serves as a sanctuary of tranquility, with each person enjoying it in their unique way – whether tending to both ornamental and vegetable patches or lounging on the terrace or beneath a pergola. Recently, bioclimatic pergolas have emerged as contemporary staples in garden design, rapidly rising in popularity. Let’s explore what they bring to the table and their advantages.

Pergolas: A Key Design Feature in Gardens

Pergolas are instrumental in crafting a cozy nook for relaxation. Typically, these structures are made up of standalone pillars. Some of the traditional versions incorporate climbing plants to shield the area from direct sunlight. Whereas wooden pergolas were once the norm and are still seen in historical gardens, the spotlight has now shifted to aluminum bioclimatic pergolas. These modern iterations are revolutionizing patio coverings with their adjustable slats feature.

Enjoying the Outdoors in All Weather Conditions

Patios are cherished spaces for unwinding, and it’s common to find them in both new and older homes. To make these areas enjoyable regardless of the weather, adequate cover is essential. Aluminum bioclimatic pergolas safeguard the patio from sun, rain, and wind, and even snow in the winter months.

These pergolas feature a roof composed of aluminum slats, which can be angled up to 130° via a remote control. This allows for the regulation of sunlight and air flow into the area, creating an inviting environment. The roof’s design, capable of supporting up to 116 kg per m², owes its strength to the slat width. Additionally, the slats are designed with grooves for water drainage, channeling rainwater away through a built-in system in the pergola’s frame.

A Pergola for the Discerning

A bioclimatic pergola provides a serene gathering spot for family and friends right by the home. For those seeking privacy, it can be outfitted with external or screen blinds. Integrated LED lighting further enhances the ambiance, making it an ideal setting for relaxation and entertainment.

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