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Mistakes to Avoid Following a Relationship Breakup

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Navigating the aftermath of a breakup is rarely straightforward. Alongside a whirlwind of negative feelings, such as hurt or sorrow, there are also various „urges“ that must be addressed if you aim to truly and completely sever ties with your former partner and embark on your own path.

The period following a breakup is fraught with challenges. Memories of your time together linger, and you might find yourself pondering what your ex is up to, whether they’re as heartbroken as you, or if they’ve already begun to move on. It’s during this time that making sound decisions can be particularly tough. Psychologist Cortney Warren offers guidance on steps to adhere to and specific actions to avoid, which we often fall into post-breakup.

Refrain from reaching out to your ex
Post-breakup, especially if it came as a shock, resisting the urge to contact your ex can be difficult.

„You might be seeking closure, or perhaps you feel the need to express how much they’ve hurt you, or being in their presence might temporarily ease your pain. However, this won’t facilitate your healing process,“ the specialist shares with Psychology Today. Thus, he suggests eliminating all contact for now.

Avoid keeping tabs on your ex
A frequent behavior post-breakup is for individuals to check up on their exes via social media, curious about their current state, their companions, etc.

Yet, this approach is counterproductive if your goal is to move past the breakup. This is especially true if your ex has begun a new chapter – monitoring their life will only inflict more pain on yourself.

Steer clear of sexual encounters with your ex or others
„Sex becomes a complex issue in the context of breakups. When you’re emotionally attached to someone, sex intertwines with the feelings you harbor for them. However, for many, sex is merely a physical act. Engaging in it post-breakup, whether with your ex or someone new, without any strings attached, might seem harmless. But it can complicate the healing process if your intention is to truly move forward,“ Warren elaborates.

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