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The Transition to Electric Standardized Parts

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The development of machine elements does not have just one common denominator. Elesa+Ganter strives to cover the widest possible spectrum of industries with its production and expands its product range with new product groups every year. One of the main trends is undoubtedly the electrification of products for the purpose of ensuring higher safety, greater efficiency, and more reliable workflow processes.

Several examples from the wide range of electrified standardized parts by Elesa+Ganter. During 2023, the company launched a long series of elements specifically for the food industry, supplying these elements with various certificates, expanding the range of parts made from self-extinguishing plastics, and the range of elements designed for environments that require compliance with the Atex standard. This manufacturer also introduced a number of entirely new product groups, such as modular hose systems or transmission systems with gear wheels and racks, and is planning profile systems for 2024. However, if there was one most apparent and recurring trend, it was the electrification of products. Targeting safety and the need for feedback in the form of an electrical signal is clearly something that this manufacturer will continue to develop extensively in the future.

The signaling handle M.2000-SWM and the electronic hinge CFSW help to increase operational safety. Intelligent electrified machine parts from Elesa+Ganter ensure higher safety, greater efficiency, and more reliable workflow processes. Do you need information about the engagement of a pin or plunger? Handles with a signal light? Oil level indicators that provide not only visual information but also an electrical signal thanks to reed contacts? It can be said with certainty that Elesa+Ganter’s standardized parts are becoming more functional – specifically multifunctional. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as remote monitoring of fill levels and temperatures in hydraulic tanks, displaying process situations, or reporting the positions of parts in machines.

For example, the intelligent positioning screw GN 251.2 with an integrated end position switch reports whether the workpieces are precisely positioned in the machining process. The spring plunger GN 817.6 and its pneumatically operated alternative, the indexing plunger GN 817.7, send a signal as soon as the plunger is extended. The electronic hinge CFSW, which allows for the design of a system with a safety integrity level of up to SIL 3 and meeting the requirements for machine safety necessary for inclusion in category 4 according to EN 954-1, can ensure operational safety. These hinges can be frequently cleaned and used in any location or environment where special hygiene requirements are imposed. This is achieved through the use of stainless steel in the elements that close the body of the hinge and also thanks to the IP67 protection rating. Similar security can be provided by the signaling handle M.2000-SWM. The design is ergonomic and compact, the body is made of technopolymer with certified self-extinguishing properties (class V0 according to UL 94 standard), and the monostable safety switch allows for proper interruption of the power circuit. All this ensures maximum safety for the operator. Moreover, the handle significantly signals the current status to the operator and staff.

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