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Choose Lighting According To Light Color And Functions

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Whether we are choosing a decorative lamp for the living room, a lamp for the bedside table, or lighting for the kitchen, the key is the correct intensity and temperature of the light as well as quality design.

Lighting, as one of the interior elements, completes the appearance and atmosphere of the home. At the same time, we should not stay only with the central ceiling light. It is a good idea to supplement it with table and floor lamps, spot lighting of work areas or stair steps for orientation at night.

Activities decide
We use a different intensity of light for working in the kitchen, in the home office and when reading before bed. „Orient yourself by the luminous flux indicated in lumens (lx). It indicates how strongly the light will shine. While a luminosity of 130 to 240 lumens is sufficient for decorative lights, 250 lumens is more suitable for a table lamp. The main light in the bedroom or living room should have a luminosity of 800 lumens or more,“ lists Jana Gottvaldová from the Bauhaus company.

Lumens also show how large a space the light can illuminate. For basic lighting, 100 lumens per m2 is needed. For the office, bathroom and kitchen, ideally 300 lumens per m2. Ceiling lights should then have an intensity of at least 3000 lumens.

Keep the light cold and warm
Another factor is the temperature of the light, given in kelvins (K). It affects the mental state and functioning of the human body. While warm white light in the range of 2700 to 3500 K evokes a sense of calm and encourages relaxation, for better concentration and mental work, cold light at the level of 5800 to 7000 K is needed, which maintains alertness.

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