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The Liberty Entry System Enhances Your Home’s Front Access

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In the space around the house, it is necessary to place various elements that are very closely related to the use of the house. In addition to paving and vegetation, there are a number of necessary, relatively large elements that have their place, for example a goal, a switchboard or a storage bin. So the property owner is faced with the problem of how to combine these seemingly incompatible functions?

If he does not want the surroundings of his house to become a nightmare for him, he should not rely on various ad hoc solutions or put them off indefinitely, which will probably only make the situation worse. Our tip is a novelty on the market – the LIBERTY entrance system from the JAP FUTURE company, which, thanks to its complexity, can offer an original connection of all important functions connected with the use of the house. No one else in Europe offers such a comprehensive system, so it is unique in Europe.

The LIBERTY entrance system stands out for its wide variability, and you can have its ten modules – CLEANNY, PACK/MESSENGER, RINGIE, FULL, SHIELD, ROOFY, GATIE, ENERGY, SIGNIE and LABEL in different sizes and colors. The box for storing parcels, in the PACK/MESSENGER or FULL version, without the presence of the property owner, deserves enormous attention. The delivery service receives the code number and stores the delivered package in a box. The owner does not have to assist in handing over the shipment, and the time saved will certainly be used more meaningfully.

The company JAP FUTURE relies on top quality and imaginative design in the production of all its products. The LIBERTY entrance system is no exception, as confirmed by the words of JAP FUTURE executive Peter Paksi, who describes the material design: „After detailed tests, we chose 3 mm aluminum sheet for LIBERTY, which is optimal for outdoor use. In addition, the inclusion of a titanium passivation surface treatment before komaxit makes the product a true perennial, which the customer can enjoy for many years.“

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