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Electroerosive Machining Ensures High Precision And Quality Of Workpieces

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There are a number of machining methods and each of them has its advantages and is suitable for use in different situations. Today we will introduce electroerosive machining, which belongs to lesser-known methods, although it is widely used in many branches of industry and a whole range of products can exist only thanks to it. Electroerosive machining is also called electrospark machining and we can also meet the abbreviation EDM (from English Electric Discharge Machining). Electrospark machining consists in the removal of material by a series of discharges (sparks) that occur randomly between the conductive workpiece and the electrode as a tool. It follows that in order to use this method of machining, the workpiece must be made of conductive material. This method of machining can also be described in a very simple way: when the workpiece and the tool are brought together, an electric discharge occurs, which melts the microscopic particles of the workpiece material and, thanks to their removal from the machining area, the workpiece is machined to the desired shape and size.

The main advantage of this electroerosion method is that it can be used where other methods would be ineffective. The workpiece and the tool do not physically touch and do not exert mechanical force on each other, thanks to which it is possible to machine even very delicate and complex shapes even from very hard materials such as hardened steel and the like. With this method, it is possible to achieve machining accuracies in the order of a thousandth of a millimeter and also to achieve a high quality surface of the material. Electroerosion is most often used in the production of pressing tools, injection molds for plastics, or in the machining of difficult-to-machine metals.

The company EDM – Tech s.r.o. also focuses on electroerosive machining. This company has been operating in the field of EDM for more than 13 years. Its business partners are large manufacturing companies such as Škoda Auto, Volkswagen, TOS Warnsdorf and many others. EDM – Tech offers electro-erosion machining, cutting, drilling of starting holes, surface grinding, milling, tool and mold construction using the KeyCreator system, production of molds for plastic injection, etc.

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