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What Is Most Worth Sorting?

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In some cities, plastic or paper can only be burned, so it may be debatable for some whether we should really sort 100%. But in the case of metal, it is always worth sorting. Production of aluminum cans from recycled material saves 90% to 95% of energy. Refining aluminum from natural deposits is very energy intensive. Copper, tin, iron and metals in general are worth recycling also because they are non-renewable and limited resources. The production price of these metals is always more expensive than the recycling price.

EKO Logistics, for example, deals with the disposal of metal waste. First, scrap metal is weighed by the company from all over the country, each material is weighed on arrival on a digital scale and then subjected to physical and chemical properties control in its own laboratory, which determines the quality and price of the material, which corresponds to the current development of the London Metal Exchange. Not only is this company capable of weighing scrap metal, but it can also remove electrical waste from the whole of the Czech Republic, for which it will always offer you a price quote for the specific type and amount of material intended for disposal, and will also issue you with an ecological disposal protocol for the handed over material.

EKO Logistics also disposes of used and stamped transformers of all types, sizes and weights. It also offers disposal of obsolete technologies, technological units of energy equipment, food and chemical industry, transport infrastructure, mining industry, handling equipment, rolling stock, cooling technology data centers, telecommunication masts and so on. You can always rely on the maximum competence and quality of the company. EKO Logistics holds a quality management certificate, an environmental protection system certificate and an international Weeelabex type 1 and type 3 quality certificate, which is required by multinational companies as the highest quality guarantee in the field of processing end-of-life equipment and electrical waste. The company also operates the purchase of all types of ferrous waste and non-ferrous metals from citizens according to the current price list.

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