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Scratches, Marks, and the Passage of Time: The Perfect Match for Wooden Flooring

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In addition to nature, which takes care of the basic genetic make-up of wooden coverings (color, size and number of knots, traced years…), humans also play a significant role in the resulting appearance of the floor. The chosen surface treatment technique can emphasize the natural appearance of the covering even more.

„The most popular is the technique of brushing and beveled edges, the so-called V-grooves, these techniques are interspersed with all current collections,“ says Aleš Viktorín from the KPP company.

Square-shaped wooden pegs or butterfly-shaped joints add a unique design and style to the floors. Da Capo collection

The aim of these modifications is to visually adjust the surface to a more rustic look, to make the grain of the wood more visible and accentuate it so that it „stands out“ and to „age“ it and optically wear it.

Not that there were not recently opposite trends that wanted to stylize wood in a more modern form. “The wood was treated to a modern, almost artificial look, with a smooth, high-gloss finish, giving the surface an almost glass-like appearance. Pearlescent pigments were added, wood was optically suppressed to a minimum, and when you looked at it against the light, you couldn’t tell if it was wood or laminate. This direction was not taken very well,“ continues Aleš Viktorín.

However, wood still remains a big favorite when choosing floor coverings. „Each material has its own specific properties, which stand out with the right and purposeful placement and will serve in the home for many years,“ explains Miroslav Černý from the Bauhaus company.

And he continues: „Wooden floors also contribute to the regulation of the indoor climate. Wood floors absorb noise very well, have a long life and can be renovated.“

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