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This Year’s Adapterra Awards Will Additionally Provide A Category For Industrial Companies

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The sixth year of the poll is starting, which awards projects in the field of combating urban overheating, soil erosion and drought. This year it also offers a category focused on projects in industry. Interested parties can apply for the competition now.

Registration for the sixth edition of the Adapterra Awards poll has started. In the following weeks, until March 15, projects of a broad focus can be registered, but they have one common denominator – they somehow help mitigate climate change and its negative consequences.

The reward for the winner is not only media coverage of the projects, but also a financial bonus, which varies in individual categories from 50 thousand to 100 thousand crowns. „These projects should also be an example of good practice and an inspiration for other cities and towns,“ says Martin Ander from the Partnership Foundation, which organizes the competition.

The Industry category will also be interesting for smaller companies

Last year, 115 projects applied and more than eight thousand people voted. This year the competition comes in an updated form. The number of basic categories has been reduced for clarity from six to three – these are the Landscape, Residence and Building categories. „In addition, we are introducing a fourth category, which will change every year, so that the competition has some new charge every year. This year it will be Industry,“ informed Martin Ander.

In the survey, the transformation of the concrete plant or the green headquarters of horticulture already scored points

Martin Ander reminds that sustainability as a topic in industry is currently resonating also thanks to the new obligation of non-financial reporting. „Industrial production is among the largest consumers and at the same time polluters of water. Together with agriculture, it is also the most vulnerable sector in the dry season. Climate change brings new risks to industrial enterprises, but also new opportunities to prepare for its effects,“ he points out.

As examples of the solution that the competition wants to present to other companies or municipalities as inspiration, the organizers mention some successful survey participants from previous years. This is, for example, the economical operation of the construction company Deas Boskovice, which began to use rainwater, not potable water, in the production of concrete. At the same time, it switched to recycled concrete and asphalt in its own operation and modified its premises – insulated the administrative building, added photovoltaic power plants to the roof.

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