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An Accurate Real Estate Estimate Is The Alpha And Omega Of A Successful Sale

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If you are going to sell your apartment, house or, for example, land for any reason, you are definitely primarily interested in the answers to these two questions: „How much will I get for it and when will it be sold.“

It goes without saying that everyone wants to get as much as possible for their property. And ideally as quickly as possible… However, to make it realistic, an accurate estimate of the property’s market price is necessary. This takes into account all aspects that can affect the final price of your apartment, house, plot of land or, for example, a garage, and is thus a basic building block for a quick sale (or rental) at the highest possible price.

Estimating the market price of a property may seem simple at first glance. But that’s not the case… Unfortunately, owners who decide to sell their property themselves often have distorted ideas about the selling price. He thinks that when they look at a real estate server (eg Sreality) and find similar properties for sale in the city, they have won. However, they have no idea that they are comparing incomparables and their estimate of the property can differ from the actual sales price by hundreds of thousands.

The sale price usually does not correspond to the advertised price, so you do not know how much real estate in the area was actually sold for. And the final price is also influenced by „little things“ such as views from the windows, elevator, floor, proximity to the road, etc.


You will not sell the property well with too high or too low a price. If you exaggerate the price with the idea that, for example, someone will buy it and it does not happen, you will have to reduce the price. Such a property then often becomes a so-called lager, which is sold below the price as a result. After all, no one wants a property that is constantly decreasing in price because it seems problematic.

If, on the other hand, you undervalue the property, you will sell it quickly, but certainly not for the highest possible price = you lose money.


The main role is played by the so-called comparison method and experienced real estate brokers from KAPITOL. This method uses real data from the market = real estate agents compare the prices of sold properties in a given location and of the same type. For this, they use access to price maps in the real estate cadastre and to our company’s database, where they obtain detailed information about sold properties in the immediate vicinity from the internal network (e.g. maximum price and sale period). At the same time, brokers use their experience in the area in which your property is located.

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