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Insurance And Savings For Children: Think About Their Future

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Every parent wants to give his child the best = to protect him as best as possible, provide him with a safe home, help him in case of illness or other adversity… and also save something for him for a „better start in life“. How to achieve all this safely? Through quality insurance and savings or investing. Get inspired by the article.

Whether our children are playing chess or climbing rocks. Whether they have a healthy lifestyle or simply indulge in whatever they like. Whatever they are and whatever they do, illnesses and injuries don’t ask – they come when we least expect it…

One does not even want to think about such things. But each of us can imagine what it’s like when a child gets seriously ill or has an accident. The fears, stresses, … with which they have to deal. But also purely practically: who will take care of the child? It is possible that one of you, the parents, will not be able to earn at that moment or will bring home less money. It may also happen that the whole family will have to change their established rhythm and lifestyle. Or care will be needed that the state will not pay for. At that moment, even the biggest opponents of insurance are thankful for every policy from which they can draw money for treatment, aids or extra-standard care. Such costs can grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The most advantageous variant of child insurance is therefore an addition to the parents‘ contract. Thanks to this, the insurance costs only a few crowns. So what is a good thing to insure for children?

Permanent consequences of an accident – a serious injury can seriously affect your child’s life, and when an accident occurs from which the child suffers permanent consequences, you will receive up to ten times the amount of the agreed insurance payment
Serious diseases – diabetes, polio, encephalitis, aplastic anemia, aortic surgery, tetanus, butterfly wing disease, transplant of vital organs
Compensation for accidents – broken arm, sprained ankle, burns
Permanent disability – insurance for cases when you want to take care of a disabled child yourself, hire a nurse or place the child in an institutional facility or day care center

Other options are Treatment of the child for diseases that do not fall into serious diseases, but their treatment is long (e.g. pneumonia). Then hospitalization insurance, daily accident compensation, etc.


Why? Because if your child gets sick, you’ll be the one who won’t be able to go to work. And at that moment, even the most expensive insurance policy for a child may not be enough. Likewise, if something happens to you – who will take care of the family? In short, the receipt of money must be ensured in any situation. Therefore, first of all, think about quality insurance for yourself. After that, insuring the child basically costs a few crowns.

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