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Choosing the Hue for a Child’s Bedroom

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Furnishing a children’s room is not an easy task. There are many criteria that must be followed in order for the child to feel comfortable in the room. And we must not forget about appropriately chosen colors. Combinations should not be exaggerated, designers recommend
two to three shades at most.

Every children’s room should be cheerful. And especially children who are anxious or prone to bad moods will appreciate the use of warm colors in their kingdom, which will make them feel happy and content. Brick color is a great, gender-neutral choice. She seems friendly, warm and joyful. In addition, it induces a feeling of relaxation and encourages curiosity.

Warm colors indicate children who need to be encouraged and cheered up. The color red is playful, stimulates the body and mind and increases performance. But it is necessary to handle it very carefully so that it does not distract the child too much. It will ideally stand out on decorations that will brighten up the children’s room, give it a twist, but the child will not lose the ability to concentrate.

Hyperactive children benefit from cooler colors, such as various shades of blue. Blue is a great choice for all energetic to hyperactive children who have difficulty concentrating. This color will help them calm their mind and improve their concentration when learning, but also during other activities, for example when playing or reading.

The color of peace and harmony, which is inspiring not only for us adults, but also for children. Large and separate, the children’s room would visually shrink and it would then appear gloomy. But it will do a great job as a complementary color. Let’s not forget that blue is the color of the sky and water, its calming effects are proven and it also affects children in a different way.

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