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Big Tiles: A Fusion of Style and Functionality

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Bathroom walls are no longer limited to classic ceramic tiles. Large-format coverings made of flat furniture materials are a modern issue, which perfectly fulfill both design and practical functions. Thanks to the smooth, joint-free surface and high-quality design, they are almost maintenance-free and resistant to moisture.

The basis of flat materials that can be used for wall cladding is MDF or DTD board. Of course, it is equipped with a surface decorative material, which can be foil, acrylic, lacquer, laminate or even a unique nanolaminate.

Velvety soft, deeply matte and without a single mark or scratch. Such can be bathroom walls with cladding made of FENIX material. „FENIX nanolaminate with nanoparticles on its surface will give the bathroom an attractive appearance. These give it not only an aesthetic appearance and extraordinary mechanical resistance, but also the possibility of easy repair. The advantage is the really large-format design – FENIX can be used in the maximum possible size of one board of 3,000 × 1,250 mm,“ explains Martin Dusík, sales director of Trachea, the largest Czech manufacturer of furniture doors and panels. In addition, the surface of this material is hygienically safe and, thanks to the PUR gluing of the edges, it resists moisture.

A modern alternative to glass tiles is the GLAKS material – it is a high-strength acrylic whose visible surface transparent layer is mixed with glass dust. GLAKS stands out with its precisely flat surface and elegant beveled edge. Its biggest advantage is that it is easy to process, thanks to which, unlike tempered glass tiles, you can additionally cut or drill holes in it, for example for an electric socket. In addition, it is durable, colorfast and non-toxic. The maximum possible dimensions of one GLAKS cladding board are 3,000 x 1,250 mm. „Thanks to the high-quality gluing of the edges using PUR technology, GLAKS is also characterized by a so-called lost joint, which does not become clogged with dirt and prevents the penetration of moisture into the interior of the board,“ adds Martin Dusík from Trachey.

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