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Elevated Homes on Stilts: A Blend of Wonder and Apprehension

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Dubbed as dwellings for those with a „death wish“ by some critics, homes elevated on what are colloquially known as „chicken legs“ have been a source of both fascination and unease. This concept, tracing back to fairy tales and gaining architectural prominence in the 1920s, continues to captivate admirers to this day, despite inducing vertigo in some.

Notably, such designs were also explored by luminaries like Le Corbusier and Soviet constructivists, aiming to safeguard against the elements through elevation. The towering supports of these structures offer an ethereal sensation of hovering above the terrain. In Los Angeles, touring these residences can be a vertigo-inducing experience for visitors, though the homeowners themselves often find them to be serene retreats, contrary to the dramatic depictions seen in Hollywood films.

Stilted residences command attention and intrigue.

Perched on undulating terrains or coastal edges, these buildings boldly exhibit their structural bases, sometimes choosing to conceal them. Unfazed by sharp inclines or the proximity to the ocean, they maximize space, comfort, and panoramic views for their inhabitants.

The essence of stilted homes lies in their simplistic design: „boxes“ resting atop slender, crisscrossed pillars. Their placement on steep declines or facing the ocean’s onslaught adds to their dramatic allure. Iconic examples include those that extend over the crests of mountains, offering breathtaking vistas of canyons and seafronts.

For those unbothered by the heights or the threat of natural disasters, these houses provide spectacular vantage points over urban landscapes or the vastness of the ocean. Their perceived peril has also cemented their status in cinematic lore, often housing characters living on the edge, such as the roles depicted in „Lethal Weapon 2,“ „The Gambler,“ and „Body Double.“

Moreover, in the realm of Hollywood, these stilt-supported homes capture the imagination in disaster narratives, where they face the ravages of landslides, floods, earthquakes, and apocalyptic scenarios.

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