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Creating a Romantic Oasis: Designing the Ideal Bathroom Retreat

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Are you one of those who like to treat themselves to a well-deserved relaxation in the bathroom by candlelight after a hard day’s work? Then a romantic bathroom is the right one for you! With just its appearance, it evokes a pleasant atmosphere and the feeling of velvet caring arms…

A romantic bathroom atmosphere will be supported especially by the right color matching. It is obvious that a black-and-white bathroom will appear too austere, while flashy colors cannot calm the mind. Soft, muted shades are the right thing to do, both the natural ones and the more playful ones. For example, soft pink has the ability to calm turbulent emotions, bring relaxation and add optimism. But too much of everything is harmful, so remember that if you choose colored walls, it is advisable to complement them with furniture in neutral colors that will soften the overall tone of the space, and of course the reverse also applies.

The symbol of romance is, after all, one more striking color, namely burgundy. Here, too, you can indulge your bathroom furniture, but choose it sparingly and combine it with neutral shades so that the overall result looks soft and harmonious. „The glossy bordeaux shade is offered, for example, by our T.acrylic acrylic doors, which you will especially appreciate in the bathroom for their properties,“ says Martin Dusík, sales director of Trachea, the largest Czech manufacturer of furniture doors and panels, and continues: „The edges of the acrylic doors are glued with PUR technology, which requires far less glue than other gluing methods. The resulting gap between the edge and the front surface of the door is thus almost invisible, does not get clogged with dirt and at the same time completely effectively prevents the penetration of moisture into the interior of the door. In addition, the glossy T.acrylic acrylic door can be easily repaired in case of minor scratches.“ The surface of the acrylic door is UV stable, so you can be sure that the burgundy shade will not fade even after years.

A velvety soft deep mat, which, thanks to the unique nano surface, does not require any special care and at the same time is extremely resistant to moisture… these are the main reasons why it is advantageous to choose nano laminate for a romantic bathroom. „Thanks to the unique production technology, FENIX nanolaminate is suitable for spaces that are supposed to encourage relaxation and well-being – the nanoparticles make its surface velvety soft and, moreover, extremely mechanically resistant, which also eliminates the stress of its possible damage,“ says Martin Dusík from the Trachea company. The soft matte surface, for example in a pleasant beige shade, helps create a unique cozy atmosphere in the bathroom.

To set your mind on a romantic note, it’s a good idea to turn off the main light and enjoy the feeling of darkness. In addition to traditional candles, mirrors, which are backlit and only slightly illuminate the space, are welcome helpers today. „The magic of a dark atmosphere is done by built-in LED lighting with dimming and light temperature regulators according to the mood and needs of each of us – the romantic atmosphere will be enhanced by warmer shades, on the contrary, cooler ones will stimulate the body in the morning. These functions are used, for example, by the NIGHT mirror, which also has a controller with memory, thanks to which you can save the last temperature and light intensity settings, or the VITTA mirror with an illuminated rear part,“ says Ing. Petr Blažek, director of Dřevojas, a traditional Czech manufacturer of bathroom furniture.

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