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Enhancing Efficiency, Precision and Quality Through Assembly Line Automation and Robotics

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Man has constantly invented ways to make his work easier. Thanks to this, today we have countless devices that make our lives easier and more convenient. We can no longer imagine many jobs without the use of technology of all kinds, and progress is far from stopping. Especially in industry, automation and robotization are advancing by leaps and bounds. The leading company in the design and production of single-purpose machines with a growing degree of automation and robotization is the company LUX. The company is based in the foothill town of Jablonné nad Orlicí, in a region with a long-standing tradition of engineering and electrical engineering industry.

Currently, LUX supplies custom machines primarily for the automotive and electrical industries. The mainstay is the custom production of automatic production and assembly lines according to the customer’s specifications. Countless experiences from many implemented projects guarantee that LUX will always find the best solution that will meet even the most demanding requirements. The basis of the company’s success are high-quality development and design capacities.

Automation in the form of deployment of robots will bring you an increase in efficiency, quality and reliability of processes. Robots are particularly suitable for applications requiring high precision, speed, repeatability and flexibility. They are part of the natural innovation of single-purpose machines in the field of a wide range of industrial applications. In addition to robotization, LUX also focuses on industrial automation in production and assembly technologies. Depending on your requirements, your workplace can become fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual. LUX offers a comprehensive solution in the field of development and construction of technological units and single-purpose machines, from the initial design of the technological process through detailed elaboration to the final design and realization of the complete delivery. At LUX, you can expect short delivery times, perfect processing of parts, designers able to solve a wide range of specific tasks based on the company’s experience with deliveries to distant countries.

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