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Inspired by Nature: Drawing Influence from the Natural World

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There can be no doubt that nature is remarkable. It provides us with water, sustenance, material and a place to live, regardless of its aesthetic qualities. So why not be inspired by her gifts when building and furnishing your home? We bring you tips on how you can bring your little piece of nature right home.

A blossoming alpine meadow bursting with the fresh scent of nature… This is exactly the feeling that the innovative concept of Organic furniture, whose surface hides a real meadow flower, will bring to your bathroom. „The uniqueness of the Organic bathroom furniture from the MODULE series consists in applying real cut flowers from an alpine meadow to a waterproof HPL laminate and covering them with just a thin layer of lacquer. Thanks to this, it is possible to perceive not only the uneven structure of compressed nature, but even the smell of organic material,“ explains Ing. Petr Blažek, director of Dřevojas, a traditional Czech manufacturer of bathroom furniture. Every time you wash your hands, you will be able to enjoy floral moments again and again with the help of three senses – sight, touch and smell. The Organic decor can be used both on the headboard and on the sides of the sink and additional cabinets. However, the top plate is always in white lacquer, as it has the task of protecting the furniture from water and at the same time creates an airy alternative to the popular minimalist sink tops.

Another way to equip your bathroom in a modern and elegant way and at the same time stay in close contact with nature is to purchase furniture made of real wood. This is exactly what the Invence bathroom furniture series from the Dřevojas workshop offers. „Current interior trends command to be close to nature and to elevate bathrooms from mere rooms for everyday hygiene to natural oases of relaxation,“ says Ing. Petr Blažek and continues: „That’s why we opted for clean lines and the elegantly earthy look of natural oak for our hanging cabinets from the Invence series, which will give the bathroom a cozy and delicate atmosphere.“ The use of solid wood in a humid bathroom environment was unthinkable for a long time. Thanks to the lacquered finish, the Invence furniture can easily withstand even the demanding conditions that normally prevail in bathrooms. Its appearance is also an imaginative contribution. It has a creative design with a receding beveled edge that cleverly and elegantly copies the ergonomics of the human figure.

Connoisseurs who prefer naturalness, the authentic grain of wood and its characteristic smell will certainly appreciate the solid T.masiv furniture doors in the kitchen or living room. „We make T.masiv spruce and oak furniture doors from solid bio-board, whose surface we grind into decorative facets and emphasize by scratching. During this process, the soft spring layer is removed by brushing and thus the naturally plastic structure of the wood is highlighted,“ says Martin Dusík, head of the sales department at Trachea, the largest Czech manufacturer of furniture doors and panels. „The great advantage of T.masiv doors is the ingenious folding of the layers of wood in the internal structure of the door, which prevents their later unwanted deformation. Poorly handled solid wood on furniture can be prone to this,“ adds Martin Dusík. The sophisticated processing of T.masiv doors also stands out during cleaning – thanks to the protective layer of G5 varnish, visible fingerprints do not remain on the surface. You can enjoy the uniqueness of this natural material to the full not only by sight, but also by taste.

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