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Is There Room for Smarter Air Conditioning Technology?

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That’s why Netatmo comes with a new product that turns any air conditioner or air-to-air heat pump into a smart device – Netatmo Smart air conditioning control.

The smart home enables remote control, time schedules and optimization of the operation of appliances, with the new product from Netatmo you now have the opportunity to add an air conditioner or a heat pump to the smart home, which are not yet in it. And this means not only a new level of comfort and efficiency for our homes, but also significant energy savings.

The smart air conditioner controller allows you to control the air conditioner through your smartphone or other mobile device. Using the app, you can change the temperature, set a time schedule, turn on the air conditioner before coming home, and much more.

Energy consumption can also be reduced thanks to the possibility of programming and remote control and the associated optimization of air conditioning operation according to your needs.

The Netatmo Smart Air Conditioning Control can be connected to any air-to-air air-conditioning or heat pump model that has full infrared control.

Each air conditioning unit needs its own controller, so if you have air conditioners in every room and you want to control them all smartly, you must have the same number of smart controllers. You then control all units from one application. With a smart controller, you have control over the temperature in your home and control your air conditioner from anywhere.

Thanks to the integrated Eco-Assist geolocation function, the smart control recognizes when you are at home and turns on the air conditioning as needed. This way, you save money without having to think about when and how to set the air conditioning, or whether you forgot to turn it off when you left.

And if you’re not satisfied with just saving energy, you can also monitor and create analyses. The smart control has integrated humidity and temperature sensors and thanks to them you can view the data in real time or follow past periods.

Installing the smart control is easy and fast, everything is ready within 10 minutes. For proper functionality, it is ideal to place the smart control on a wall or on a flat surface, at least 50 cm above the ground and near an electrical outlet. A network connection is required.

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