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Measurement And Regulation Techniques As The Key To Savings And Sustainability

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Measurement and regulation techniques is a field dealing with the measurement of physical quantities and the subsequent regulation of systems based on these measurements. The main goal of this technique is to achieve the desired state by comparing the measured value with the reference value and if a deviation is detected, then the control system takes corrective actions to correct this deviation.


Measurement and control techniques play a key role in reducing energy consumption and costs. Regulation of heating, cooling and lighting enables efficient use of energy, which brings not only financial savings, but also contributes to environmental protection. Measuring technology is the first step towards optimizing energy consumption. Thanks to it, households and industries have the opportunity to monitor their energy consumption, and based on the information obtained from these systems, ways to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency can be sought.


In the field of heating and cooling, thermostats are the key regulators. Today’s advanced thermostats make it possible to set the exact temperature for different parts of the day and different spaces in the home and industrial facilities. Some thermostats are equipped with sensors that can react to the presence of people in the room and automatically set the temperature to the optimal level. Thanks to this regulation, energy losses caused by unnecessary heating or cooling of unused spaces are reduced.

Modern lighting

Another energetically significant element is lighting. Traditional light bulbs have a high energy consumption and are not nearly as efficient as the more economical LED bulbs. Additional savings can be achieved, for example, with sensors that detect the presence of people and automatically turn the lights on or off depending on the daylight. Modern lighting also allows individual adjustment of the brightness or color of the light, which can both reduce energy consumption and at the same time contribute to human health.

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