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Well-Designed Cooling Technology Leads to Cost Savings

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Bohemiachlad, s.r.o., Prague, a purely Czech company that has been on the market for more than 20 years and offers designs, projects, deliveries and implementation of cooling equipment. The goal of this company is to do its work with quality and with a focus on the highest possible efficiency with an emphasis on energy savings and minimizing the consumption of refrigerants. The company offers complete solutions for systems of cooling machines and freezers, from design and planning, through the supply and installation of the equipment itself, to the supply of spare parts and finding out about service or reconstruction. It ensures the implementation of thermal insulation, minimizes ammonia fillings in accordance with EU legislation, performs energy audits, including recommendations for saving electricity.

This company offers a unique system for regulating the cooling and air conditioning circuit, which guarantees operational energy savings of up to 30% and a reduction in the volume of coolant in the circuit by up to 60%. Additional operating savings of 10-15% can be achieved by computer-controlled coolant injection into the heat exchanger or other type of installed cooler. Moreover, in addition to energy savings, the company is currently also focusing on projects leading to the improvement of the environment. Due to the system of direct spraying of the cooler used by Bohemiachlad, s.r.o., Prague, only a minimum reserve of NH3 cooler is required in the equipment, which fully corresponds to the current standards and requirements for minimizing the cooler filling. In addition, the company uses Bohemiachlad liquid and thus contributes to the improvement of the environment.

The company Bohemiachlad, s.r.o. operates primarily in the Czech and Slovak Republics and has implemented a range of orders with important breweries, dairies and prestigious companies. In addition to cooling and freezing, the company also specializes in air conditioning and air conditioning. In this area, the company solves the so-called clean operations in terms of hygiene regulations, i.e. it supplies the customer’s production premises in such a way that the microclimatic conditions of the open product are treated. Furthermore, it offers project activities in search of energy savings – for example, in terms of savings in the lighting of production halls by simple control regulation or monitoring of refrigeration and technological units, etc.

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