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A Meticulously Designed Tiling Solution

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Minimalistic and modern design, functional and user-logical arrangement of space and natural-looking materials in combination with top technology. It’s not just about new design trends. Undoubtedly, it is impossible to neglect high-quality materials, honest processing and well-thought-out variability.

All the mentioned benefits are characteristic of the EFEKTA cladding system, which consists of three parts – wall cladding, hidden frame and furniture accessories. „The advantage of this system is the independent use of individual parts or their meaningful connection according to individual needs, both in residential interiors and commercial spaces,“ adds Petr Paksi, CEO of JAP FUTURE, which launched the EFEKTA cladding system on the market.

The basis of the entire system is the wall cladding. A system of interconnected horizontal and vertical aluminum profiles is used to attach the cladding to the walls, the connection of which is ensured by plastic fixing clips. Installation is extremely simple and friendly compared to traditional wall coverings, so uneven walls or corners are not an obstacle. An invaluable advantage is the possibility of trouble-free disassembly for fine-tuning the system or replacing parts. The total thickness of the cladding system, including the cladding board, is 40.2 mm.

To create a passage in the cladding system, the EFEKTA hidden frame was specially developed, which is designed to ensure that the door leaf merges flush with the cladding. The color and visual adjustment of the wall covering is also fine-tuned in detail. A MASTER door is fitted into the EFEKTA hidden door frame, the cladding of which can be identical to the wall cladding, and the hidden door frame as such can be painted in the color of the required shade.

Accessories for the EFEKTA tiling system, which can use its potential to the maximum, deserve great attention. The manager of JAP FUTURE, Petr Paksi, explains: „The cladding system allows various functional accessories to be attached to the vertical connecting profile with holes that are adapted to insert the suspension system. It serves as a support for shelves, various cabinets, a holder for hangers or glasses. The variability of the accessories is wide and can be individually tailored according to the customer’s request. Thanks to this, you will create a clear and purposeful dressing room or a design interior“.

An endless range of cladding materials – natural veneer, laminate, lacquered glass, metal laminate, acrylic foil, mirror or magnetic board – predetermines the wide use of EFEKTA. In addition, the visual cladding can be used for both plasterboard and brick partitions, and the possibility to get electrical distributions behind the cladding is invaluable. The use of the EFEKTA tiling system in the interior is unlimited, and the result is always a TOP design and precise solution in all respects.

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