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5 Timeless Sneakers That Never Go Out of Style

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If the headline gave you the impression that we’re going to present you with sneakers that you can walk in all your life and you simply won’t recognize it, we have to disappoint you and your bank account right from the start. We bring 5 legendary sneakers that are sometimes even older than the singer Cher, but despite their age they still look the same, which unfortunately cannot be said about Cher. These are sneakers that will never go out of style!


Chuck Taylor’s legendary basketball sneakers are simply immortal. By that we mean tradition, not tennis shoes physically, if your hobby is walking on hot coals, their life will probably be pretty shrunk. Despite their basketball origins, you won’t find them on the court these days, but the streets are full of them!


In the beginning, we refuted your idea of indestructible sneakers, but in the case of Prestižek, you can resort to it again. It is said that the cockroach will survive the radioactive explosion, but in the form of Prestižek, it has quite strong competition. It won’t take long and they will also conquer the fashion catwalks.

Nike Air Force 1

The designer TinkerHatfield, who is behind this applied art, let us know that the sneakers are inspired by the presidential plane Air ForceOne. You probably don’t have to have an IQ bordering on genius to notice the similarity in the name. But it is precisely the smooth silhouette inspired by that airplane that has ensured them so many fans since 1982 that it is the best-selling Nike sneaker of all time!


If you live in one of the flood zones, classic wellies are probably an immortal footwear classic for you. This is a goldmine for fashion designers, who have discovered that even people who are currently hedging their assets against the big water, do not want to refuse a fashion piece.

5 sneakers that will never get old

When the Vans store opened in 1966 and the owners had the first twelve pairs ready, the miracle didn’t happen, so they even had to put a few pairs on loan to get rid of their meager inventory. However, the sneakers, whose soles were made in a waffle iron, soon won their fans not only among skateboarders, and today they are an ageless classic that goes with almost everything.

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