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Designing a Compact Home? Explore These Creative Space-Saving Ideas

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The color of the interior, i.e. walls, furniture and accessories, also plays an important role. „People often think that dark colors will make the space smaller, which is true, but they can support the comfort of the apartment. Small apartments are most often done in light tones, but sometimes they seem too sterile. It’s okay to use both light and dark colors, but always keep the interior to one shade or color scheme. White-beige, shades of warm olive or cinnamon color work well,“ explains the designer.

Color contrasts are the wrong way, a small apartment looks chaotic and inconsistent. „You can easily have a dark blue kitchen, but stick to the color. I recommend avoiding strong accents, for example red, strong green, pink, which are quickly noticed. Psychologically, people are comfortable in forest or autumn colors,“ explains Andrea. Try, for example, muted green or orange, cinnamon or brown.

The apartment seems more airy and larger when there is no chaos in it. If you put as many things as possible into the storage areas and close them, you win.

Andrea advises to try a styling trick that she often uses when she photographs interiors. „Only display items that you like, for example a few of your favorite books. A small space looks more complete if you arrange the books by color, and people usually remember them more easily according to the color of the spine.“

Peace in a small space is visually interrupted by artistic picture walls, that is, when you put pictures of different sizes, styles, photos and illustrations on the wall. But if you place one larger picture on the wall, or maybe three pictures in a row next to each other, it is pleasing to the eye in a small space.

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