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Women’s And Men’s Anti-Allergenic Boccia Watches: Unveiling Their Charm

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Just like a wardrobe of colorful clothes, nowadays men’s or women’s watches belong rather to fashion accessories and, in addition to telling the time, their main task is to make an impression in society, or they have to adjust your chosen „outfit“. The range of wristwatches is really large these days, and choosing a suitable model can sometimes be quite a challenge. In today’s article, we would like to introduce you to the German company Boccia Titanium, which, in addition to watches, also specializes in the production of titanium jewelry. Most manufacturers use steel as the housing material. But in this case, the problem arises for allergy sufferers who have an allergy to metals. The most problematic metals to which human skin is sensitive are primarily nickel, zinc or chromium. Therefore, we definitely recommend the allergen-free option, which is titanium. You can view the entire range of Boccia Titanium watches here.

If you are looking for a reliable store where you can buy an anti-allergenic watch, we can definitely recommend the e-shop of our partner Helveti.cz, which is an authorized dealer and specialist of the Boccia Titanium brand. Among the key features of the German company are high-quality workmanship and perfect materials, i.e. titanium and ceramics. What is the magic of the material used? The mentioned titanium does not contain nickel and is therefore anti-allergic. Compared to ordinary metals, it has a higher hardness, but at the same time it is significantly lighter. The vast majority of components, i.e. the case, crown and buttons, are made of titanium, while the strap can be chosen between leather, ceramic or silicone.

It is certainly worth noting that this is the best-selling watch on the German market in the €500 range. In the offer of the partner Helveti you will find both women’s and men’s models, whether they are products with a simple design or more expensive versions with a chronograph and sapphire glass. Thanks to the Boccia watch made of titanium, your hands will no longer suffer from allergic reactions or fatigue from the heavy weight of the watch. The design of Boccia watches is associated with the names of many renowned designers. Boccia Titanium belongs to the well-known German watch company Tutima Glashütte/Sa.

The men’s watch Boccia Titanium 3773-01 is a great compromise between the features of a sports watch and the appearance of a social watch. They look good, and with a combination of looks, practicality and durability, you can take this versatile piece to an alpine hike or to an important business meeting. As with all Boccia Titanium watch models, the watch case is made of titanium and the dial protects the mineral glass. The watch includes a chronograph and a tachymeter bezel that you can use to measure time and speed. On the dial you will also find a date stamp on a white background.

The Boccia Titanium 3246-05 women’s watch belongs to the Royce model line. The watch is designed for everyday wear, but also for social wear. It charms its owners with the classic look of the dial and the elegant leather strap. The black analog dial is protected by a sapphire crystal. As with all Boccia Titanium watch models, the watch case is made of titanium and is perfectly complemented by a brown leather strap. The water resistance of this model is 30m (intended for showering).

The watch is guaranteed for 3 years.

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