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How To Properly Clean A Dishwasher And How Much Will You Save Per Month By Using It?

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A dishwasher is now a relatively common part of households and many people are still thinking about buying one. The fact is, it can definitely save you time that you would otherwise spend over the sink. However, the device needs to be taken care of regularly, in the following article we will focus on this problem, but we have also calculated for you whether it is worth investing in the device and how much you can possibly save.

The interior of the dishwasherYou might think that if the washer can flush all the contents down the drain tube under the strong pressure of the nozzle, you are wrong. It is inside the dishwasher that fine deposits from food residues and fats often form, which not only stink, but can be the main cause of the dishwasher’s impaired function – the result is imperfectly washed dishes. However, we have a solution for this – it is enough to hand wash the inside of the walls and all the shelves, drawers and baskets once or twice a month. Alternatively, a better solution is to disassemble the components and thoroughly rinse them under running water.Detergents for the dishwasherFor maintenance and proper functioning, it is also necessary to occasionally use products intended for washing the dishwasher. The main goal of such preparations is mainly the removal of limescale and grease. Where there is hard water, limescale builds up inside the dishwasher and in the pipes. We recommend at least once a month – in the case of hard water, if you have soft water, it is sufficient to carry out maintenance once a quarter. You don’t have to buy expensive and advertised products, for example baking soda, vinegar or citric acid is enough.How much does washing in the sink cost? And how much in the dishwasher?Now the most important thing. If you wash the dishes by hand on average three times a day, it costs you about 3,800 crowns per year. You certainly don’t turn on the dishwasher more often than once a day, and that means costs of 2,820 crowns per year, and thus a definite saving. Although you will probably still wash burnt pots by hand, which will increase the costs a bit, and dishwasher tablets will probably burden the family budget more than traditional dishwashing detergent, but you should still save money when washing in the dishwasher. However, a dishwasher is not free, the purchase amount varies from 6 thousand to 50 thousand depending on the brand and model.

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