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Unexpected Uses for Mirrors

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Today’s bathroom mirrors can do much more than just reflect an image. More and more sophisticated models are appearing that make not only our beauty routine more pleasant. A dimming and light temperature regulator, a radiator that replaces the function of a mirror or a decoration for switches and sockets… these are gadgets that can be used not only in dressing rooms and bathrooms… Let’s discover new possibilities!

A mirror as a partial substitute for alternative medicine? „The STRIPE mirror has built-in LED lighting, the intensity of which can be easily regulated with the help of a touch switch according to what we are feeling at the moment or how much light we need when modifying our appearance,“ describes Ing. Petr Blažek, director of Dřevojas, a traditional Czech manufacturer of bathroom furniture. However, mirrors can also change the atmosphere using lights of different temperatures. „In addition to the intensity, the temperature of the lighting can also be changed with the NIGHT mirror. In practice, this means that thanks to it we can choose cooler shades in the morning, which will naturally help to wake up our organism, and on the contrary, a warmer color of light in the evening to induce well-being before sleep,“ adds Ing. Petr Blazek. In addition, the mirror remembers the last light temperature setting, so you can adjust it to your favorite shade.

When a classic mirror is not enough, there is the option of mirror cabinets or galleys. „Most of our galleys have a double-sided mirror door, which doubles their overall reflective surface. When you open it up, even in a limited space, you can really see from all sides,“ explains Ing. Petr Blažek from Dřevojas. The galleys include LED lighting, switches, automatic light and even an electrical outlet “Some galleys, such as the built-in Grid model, automatically turn on the LED light when opened thanks to an integrated sensor. Of course, there are also galleys, for example Air, Focus and the already mentioned Grid, which additionally have a 230 V electrical outlet inside. The Aston and Premium mirror cabinets have it on the outside on the underside,“ enumerates Ing. Petr Blažek from Dřevojas company.

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