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Achieving Hotel-Level Comfort at Home

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Local production, natural materials, minimalist design, intelligent functionality and sustainability. In short, this is the bed linen and home textile brand Lejaan, which raised sleep in the Czech Republic to a higher level.

The Lejaan brand appeared on the market in 2020, but preparations began three years earlier. Behind them are the perfectionist demands of three friends – Marcel Gecova, Jan Kmoch and Jan Bartoš, whose names were also reflected in the name of the brand. They put their knowledge of hotel operations, as well as architecture and design from their previous places of work, into its foundations. The main inspiration for Lejaan bedding was the unrepeatable feeling of comfort experienced in a luxurious hotel bed – absolute relaxation after a good night’s sleep. Creative director Jana Hučíková, with her experience in both the world of high fashion and interior design, helps in the visual materialization of these ideas. Her dream is to live in the north, which is why Lejaan moved at least to Liberec.

What makes Lejaan different from many others is that we can (and do) dictate the weight, material composition and colors of our fabrics. We do not buy fabrics ready-made, but we literally develop them in cooperation with their experienced manufacturer. Lejaan bedding is created under the hands of Czech seamstresses from natural materials, such as certified cotton in several variants, including an admixture of lyocell fiber with eucalyptus, which gives the finished products a velvety softness and high durability. We choose the colors of Lejaan fabrics ourselves based on the inspiration of a specific story. They are created exclusively for Lejaan, by non-chemical dyeing. Thanks to the elimination of zippers and other metal or plastic parts, the Lejaan bedding is fully decomposable.

A bed made according to our ideas will give you hotel comfort even at home. We want to convey to our customers the feeling we have when we sleep well in a hotel bed. Based on this idea, Lejaan was created.

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