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Why Do I Get Heart Palpitations At Night?

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Palpitations are a sensation in your chest which can feel like your heart is fluttering, racing or pounding. It may even feel like your heart has skipped a beat.

Sometimes they can be caused by a heart condition, but also by other things such as caffeine anxiety or some medications.

Palpitations are very common and usually harmless, but they can be unpleasant to experience.

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Palpitations can happen at any time of day. However, some people may notice them more at night-time once they are relaxed or in bed.

For most people, this is simply because we are less distracted at night and there is less noise, so we are more aware of sensations in our bodies.

Night-time can also be when we are more likely to start thinking about stressful or worrying things that may be going on in our lives. Anxiety and stress can make palpitations feel worse, so this may also be a reason for noticing them more at night.

Sometimes the position we’re lying in can also have an impact.

Some experts say people who sleep on their backs may be more likely to feel palpitations because of pressure changes in the body when in bed.

They also think that left-sided sleepers could feel palpitations more often because of the shorter distance between the heart and the chest wall.

If you’re worried about your palpitations, speak to your doctor. It can help to keep a symptom diary so they can understand what you’ve been experiencing.

Write down when you get palpitations, what you were doing at the time, and any other symptoms you may have noticed.

Your doctor can help you to manage your symptoms and they may send you for tests to check your heart health.

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